NOTE: Significant discounts available for events where you have labor available to load gear in before show and out after show.  Especially if I enjoy your band and music 🙂   Drop me a line for details.

Engineer Only:

  • SoundBuilder engineers will work on any house/club or band system that is available at the venue. Our years of experience will optimize the particular system available. Our rates range from $ 10 to $ 50 per hour based on experience of the engineer and duration of event. Send us your requirements for a free quotation.

Full System Plus Engineer:

  • Our full service events include both the system and the engineer(s) to run it for your event. Our professional engineers have the ability to maximize the audio impact of your show/event. See our SYSTEMS area for gear available.

System Consulting/System Check/Reset:

  • Does your performance venue or church have an acceptable system that is operated by volunteers?  Over the years has the system lost it’s clarity and/or providing operational issues (feedback, unclear vocals, etc)??
  • We can provide a system evaluation and let you know if any components are damaged or require repair.
  • We will also “re-set” your system to operate as originally intended, often times restoring clarity to the sound (assuming no damaged or missing components).   This process typically takes 2-5 hours, depending on your system size, and will result in a report of the system and any needed repairs.  Often times the system is simply out of adjustment.

Corporate Events:

  • For your corporate events, SoundBuilder can bring a system to make sure your presenters are heard at your event. Send us your requirements for a free quotation.

Full Service Recording Studio:

  • SoundBuilder has a professional grade recording studio based around (2) 24 channel Alesis HD24 digital recorders. We can track up to 48 channels of high quality audio simultaneously. Whether you are seeking full services, track/mix/master, or simply need our multi-channel tracking services, we can put together a package for your project. Rates range from $ 10 to $ 50 per song or $ 25-30 per hour depending on session requirements. Quality Microphones by Blue, Audix, Shure, AKG, EV and others. Channel strips by Universal Audio and Focusrite. Compression by dbx, presonus. Various EQ’s and outboard processing. Alesis Masterlink for high quality 2 channel mix down. Although the heart of our studio is a 24 channel digital recorder, we stay “out of the box” and most of our recordings have a very organic and lively feel (we mix with our ears, not our eyes…..) Guitars and Basses by Gibson, Fender and Yamaha. Various amps and outboard pedals available. Send us your requirements for a free quotation.